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With experience at numerous events I thoroughly enjoy being able to present to and interact with audiences; using climbing as a narrative to entertain, inspire and motivate. Climbing, and the experiences and learning that goes with it, is a fantastic tool to tell stories and pass along valuable lessons and messages. Imagery, footage and tales from worldwide adventures form a framework from which ideas around challenge, motivations, success, failure, goal setting, confidence and risk management can be explored.


We were lucky to have Mina deliver a series of workshops at the International Climbing Coach Symposium in 2016. Powerful, thoughtful, insightful and professional. A true modern day athlete.Thomas Greenall, BMC Coaching Symposium Organiser

Over the years I have given talks in a variety of settings, tailored to the needs of the event, organisers and audiences including but not limited to: TEDx, The Women’s Climbing Symposium, Squamish Mountain Festival, Arcteryx Alpine Academy, The Annual Climbers’ Club Meet, Kendal Mountain Festival, Hueco Rock Rodeo, BMC Coaching Symposium, ABC Annual Meet (after dinner speaking), Alderley Edge School for Girls, The London Outdoor Show and the Arcteryx Piccadilly Store Opening.

“Mina gave a super talk, both  engaging and stimulating.  The girls were captivated by the images and stories about rock climbing.  Mina also reflected on her experiences and how we can confront and overcome challenge in other contexts too, encouraging the girls to think about how to be resilient and aim high in their own lives. I would highly recommend her both from a teaching as well as a climbing point of view.” Jonathan Reti, Alderley Edge School for Girls

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