Where do I start? After a bit of a shoddy performance in Slovenia, I decided not to do the Vienna WC, to give myself a break. I spent the month between Slovenia and Innsbruck doing lots of things; running, swimming, climbing, finishing off uni work, training in my cellar and looking at the mental side of climbing. I won’t go into too much detail but working on the mental aspect of competition climbing really helped me. I don’t really struggle with it outdoors, something is different there. But at competitions, my head really got in way. After doing some mental training and prep with two friends, I felt much better prepared for Innsbruck. My goal for the competition was to enjoy it, avoid negative self talk and to be happy with myself whatever my result. I managed it, I thoroughly enjoyed the competition and I even did ok too, ending up in 24th. Definitely some silly mistakes in there and I felt I was strong enough to do better, but that’s good – I can work with that!

It has given me what feels like a new lease of life in competition. It is much less intimidating knowing I have the tools to stop myself spiraling into a negative pattern of self loathing. I feel like I have just decided to be a bit kinder to myself – well worth doing :). My Mum always used to say “be kind to yourself” and I think that, although I knew what she meant, I have only just (at a ripe 25 years…) started to do it. Well, better late than never I suppose!

In terms of our team, it was a great event! 3 Brits in the final and Shauna on the podium again! Well done everyone 🙂

I’m back at home now, packing for a summer in Colorado! Starting the trip with the BWC in Vail, we will then stay in Boulder for some long awaited rock climbing! Can’t wait for both the comp and the rock.

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