Since my last blog we have returned from the USA, Christmas and New Years Eve have gone past in a flurry and now it is nearly half way through January! How time flies when you aren’t watching.

Since we arrived back the weather in Sheffield has been pretty rubbish; not conducive to a good day out climbing. Until this week, I have just focussed on training. When we first arrived back I was feeling pretty strong only to discover that climbing inside or any kind of training felt alien and extremely difficult. I felt so weak which was strange because outside on rock I felt strong. I think on long trips you do get weaker but you also learn to climb in a different style that befits rock better.  I am now beginning to think of them as different things altogether. So, going back to training and indoor climbing felt like retraining after three months off!

After the first week, I was feeling a lot stronger so perhaps the key is learning and remembering a different style and also recruiting old strength back. In training exercises I am not where I was before we left but I am not far off now. I enjoy training so, although I miss climbing outside everyday, it is also nice to try hard and see progress in a different way. I am training for the World Cups this year; psyched to try to improve on my performance in the past and to have a good time.

Now the weather is changing and I am having a rest day after three days in a row on the Peak District gritstone – lucky lady! – combined with training in the evenings too. I have travelled a lot for climbing, but I am always amazed by the beauty of the Peak and the quality climbing it has to offer. Coming home is never too hard, so long as the weather holds out….

So now I will keep up the training, get on the grit when I can and try to keep my psyche levels high. First though, I am off to Spain next week to do some route climbing in Siurana….

On another note, since returning to the UK, I have been inspired by the work of John Ellison on his CAC (Climbers Against Cancer) movement. Its a fantastic effort and a great cause, if you don’t already have a T-shirt get one ordered!

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