Just a quick blog….

I have just got back from a weekend in London. It is buzzing down there with talk of Olympics and the excitment really rubs off. I was lucky enough to watch the torch being carried down the Thames in an amazingly ornate boat. What a time to be an Olymipic athlete! It makes me wonder how climbing would change as a sport if it became part of this colossal event.

But enough of my wonderings. I am off to Magic Woods; a short last minute trip from today until Friday! I am going to do some filming for Lightshed Pictures (http://lightshedpictures.wordpress.com/) who are making a film about UK female climbers. It was really flattering to be asked to be a part of this and I am very grateul for the opportunity to return to such a beautiul place 🙂 So three days in the woods! I’m excited.

My gear all packed up!

I have been training hard recently with the things I am psyched for in the Peak being wet. It has been good for me, albeit frustrating. I feel the strongest that I think I ever have and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. So a win: win situation really.

A busy month ahead also holds the Addidas Rockstars event in Stuttgart, a week in Font and the Munich World Cup….I’ll keep you posted!