Joe’s Valley has not disappointed. It was a long (by English standards) drive from Boulder, Colorado to Utah; a drive that showed us great scenery but also huge expanses of nothing, something we don’t experience in Europe. Joe’s Valley is about 2.5 hours from Salt Lake City and the nearest town is Orangeville. It is a small town but it has enough to keep us going – a place to shower, a place to check emails, a food shop and a laundrette. What more could one need? The people are also really friendly and welcoming, they seem to be positive about the influx of climbers in their area. The climbing is out of town in the Valley leading to Joe’s Resevoir. It is desert; dry, hot and seemingly limitless.

We have been living in our much loved GMC van and really enjoying it. We have systems for everything and life is simple and fun. We get up, we climb all day, we sleep. Oh, and we watch Downton Abbey in the evenings. Totally addicted.

Joe’s lends itself to exactly what I described needing in my previous blog: short walk ins, lots of great climbs in the V6 -10 range and a low pressure feel. I feel like I have found a flow again, climbing lots of days on, trying many different problems in a day, topping out!

I have done some climbs I am really happy with- some easy, some hard. There are also still plenty of things to try and work at. David is climbing really well, doing lots of climbs first go and quickly diminishing his extensive tick list.

So, a short blog for now but I will write again soon 🙂

 Joe’s Valley Main Street, Photo David Mason