I had debated whether or not to go to the World Cup in China this year and I had decided against it. I went last year due to some unexpected funding and, although it was quite an adventure, I had mixed feelings about the trip. With 24 hours travel in each direction and an 8 hour time difference, it makes for an exhausting week. Plus it is an expensive one to go to, so, decision made: not going. I invited my sister and her husband up for the weekend instead!

Then the situation changed; some funding appeared last minute. Yes it was going to be tiring, but could I really look this gift horse in the mouth?

Chongqing is HUGE; with a population of 30 million it is one of the biggest cities in the world. I found myself on my way there to compete in the first round of the IFSC Boulder World Cup.

The competition was good and bad for me. I came 10th which, looking at my history, is a good result. However, I felt disappointed with my climbing. I didn’t climb as well as I felt I was capable of, which as many of you know from any sport, is very frustrating. I struggled a lot with the time difference, spending a lot of time exhausted but unable to sleep. So taking all of that into account, I did okay. On the positive, to come 10th and feel I didn’t fulfil my potential is great; perhaps next time I can get an even better result! Who knows.

Climbing aside, we had a really fun time. Here are some pictures!

 Dancing (small)Dancing in Chongqing city centre

Pretty flowers in city centre

Pretty flowers in town centre


Diane on her birthday!

Meal out

Hot Pot meal out

Privacy Preference Center