We arrived in the US on Wednesday, landing in Philidelphia before catching a connecting flight on to Denver. Our welcome in Philly had something to be desired…we were grilled at US customs. They politely took us to one side and searched our bags before interviewing us in seperate rooms. We are here for 90 days and I think there was suspicion over whether we were trying to illegally work  in the US. Having reassured them that all we wanted to do was climb around on rocks and that it is possible to survive on very little money if you just lower your standards, our passports were returned to us and we were free to go. Phew! I know it sounds silly but  I can’t help but feel like I’m guilty when being interrogated, I’m just relieved I handled the pressure and didn’t admit to anything I haven’t done!

So we are here, a great reception from Kevin, Jackie and Chris made us feel right at home :). Our first day was a bit of a blur of tiredness but we still ventured out in the evening to Boulder Canyon for a potter about. We climbed a historical John Gill problem called Standard Bulge before spending some time on the dyno, Cage Free. I haven’t really tried many dynos outside but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and wasn’t that far off! David managed to do it, a nice positive start to his climbing on this trip. Kevin got ridiculously close, next time for sure!

And so now it is day two. I am up really early due to jet lag but feeling much more human today. An interview with Rock and Ice for their Spotlight page this morning, and then we’ll head out to Wild Basin. Can’t wait!

Just before leaving the UK, I did a photoshoot with Alex Messenger. He wanted to try out some new lights and I was happy to oblige. Here is Yogurt Hypnotist at Rowtor as you have never seen it before!

Yogurt Hypnotist, Rowtor, Photo Alex Messenger.