What a week! Jen Randall (http://alloureggs.wordpress.com/tag/magic-wood) is making a film about female UK climbers and was planning to film Shauna in Magic Woods for 3 days. As many of you will know, Shauna has broken her leg and so Jen needed someone to fill her spot in the film.  She got in contact with me last Thursday and by Monday night I was in Milan Malpensa Airport to meet her.

We had three days in Magic to film as many cool boulders as possible. I had been to Magic before, about 4 years ago and so we were able to film some things I had done before as well as some new things. I was really psyched, I love Magic Woods.  It’s a beautiful place and I felt so happy to be able to spend some more time there. I wish I had had longer than 3 days, I could easily have stayed 3 weeks!

It was a tiring few days, but really fun. I had never met Jen before or her boyfriend Al but we hit it off really well from the start. It made for a relaxing, fun trip and I feel I have made some good friends from it :).  Thanks to Optimum Nutrition I had some recovery shake to help me through too!

In terms of climbing I was happy to do some climbs I hadn’t done before: Piranja (7C), Rhythmo (7C) and Jack the Chipper (7C – Flash) and also to try some harder things. I tried Jack’s Broken Heart and Pura Vida, both great problems. I think both are doable for me but I needed a bit more time. Need to start planning a trip back….

Here are some stills from Jen’s filming:

 Jack the Chipper (7C), Film still courtesy of Jen Randall

Piranja (7C), film still courtesy of Jen Randall

Rhythmo (7C), film still courtesy of Jen Randall

Supernova (7C), film still courtesy of Jen Randall

This trip was also my first proper usage of my new Snap Pad (courtesy of betaclimbingdesigns). I was really impressed actually, the foam was very firm and I found myself always wanting that pad over the worst bit of landing, or the bit I was most likely to land on. A big thumbs up.

Now I have a couple of days at home before heading to Stuttgart for the Rockmasters event!  I have also been invited to take part in a competition in Norway on the 8th Sept this year which is exciting!